croppedisage608342-madness Yes you are!!! “What do you mean? Should I consult my doctor?” is what runs on your mind isn’t? No, its time to consultant yourself! We live in a world of comforts. Our pizzas are delivered at doorsteps, we are spoilt with choices online; meeting goes at its ease swiping faces from right to left. We earn more than our parents did, we are independent, we are young and we are living up to it. Yet we are miserable. We are stressed because our jobs are not perfect, boss is not perfect, neighbor is not perfect, and our pets are not perfect! We cry to sleep sometime; we drink to forget our woes; our relationships are short-lived as long as our egos are long-lived. 8c894-original Ultimately, we have forgotten to breathe! When was the last time you went to your home balcony, looked at the view and took a deep breath not thinking anything at all? When was the last time you had big laughter ending up with stomach-ache with your kith and kin? When was the last time you enjoyed the breeze at beach not worrying about the pending assignments, not making mental notes of the grocery list, not thinking about your latest crush; just existing in the moment completely? gadget-freak-customers-and-the-path-they-have-decided-to-follow We rush to office skipping our breakfast, we rush back home to just have that small nap for next day of anxiety and crankiness! When we sleep at nights, the last things we are the screens of our phone – wandering aimlessly our timeliness trying to find something but end up with nothing; every 10 minutes. The pressure to be happy is the reality! Happiness is redefined as to have a groupie party with a chic crowd every fortnight, to make sure the fun you just had is duly documented on social media and feel on air when your likes boost up! That is a futile exercise of habit. Follow Us On Fb : brandlovevideos Youtube : brandlovevideos