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croppedisage608342-madness Yes you are!!! “What do you mean? Should I consult my doctor?” is what runs on your mind isn’t? No, its time to consultant yourself! We live in a world of comforts. Our pizzas are delivered at doorsteps, we are spoilt with choices online; meeting goes at its ease swiping faces from right to left. We earn more than our parents did, we are independent, we are young and we are living up to it. Yet we are miserable. We are stressed because our jobs are not perfect, boss is not perfect, neighbor is not perfect, and our pets are not perfect! We cry to sleep sometime; we drink to forget our woes; our relationships are short-lived as long as our egos are long-lived. 8c894-original Ultimately, we have forgotten to breathe! When was the last time you went to your home balcony, looked at the view and took a deep breath not thinking anything at all? When was the last time you had big laughter ending up with stomach-ache with your kith and kin? When was the last time you enjoyed the breeze at beach not worrying about the pending assignments, not making mental notes of the grocery list, not thinking about your latest crush; just existing in the moment completely? gadget-freak-customers-and-the-path-they-have-decided-to-follow We rush to office skipping our breakfast, we rush back home to just have that small nap for next day of anxiety and crankiness! When we sleep at nights, the last things we are the screens of our phone – wandering aimlessly our timeliness trying to find something but end up with nothing; every 10 minutes. The pressure to be happy is the reality! Happiness is redefined as to have a groupie party with a chic crowd every fortnight, to make sure the fun you just had is duly documented on social media and feel on air when your likes boost up! That is a futile exercise of habit. Follow Us On Fb : brandlovevideos Youtube : brandlovevideos

Child Abuse – The Sounds Of Silence

I am your child. 

Any child’s life is a blank paper. It’s up to us to make his/her life as a beautiful art or as a scribbled scrap. Child abuse casts a shadow the length of lifetime for the child. To abuse the children mentally, physically, sexually or by any other means will make their future a big question mark.

Approximately 20% of women and 5–10% of men report being sexually abused as children, while 25–50% of all children report being physically abused. The lifelong consequences of child maltreatment include impaired physical and mental health, poorer school performance, and job and relationship difficulties. Ultimately, child maltreatment can contribute to slowing a country’s economic and social development.

To reap joy from the little one’s pain many burry their dreams. As they there won’t be anything as evergreen memories. Let us not make their lives as skeleton.

We,Brandlovevideos (BLV) raise our voice against CHILD ABUSE with our client Kelly for  video. We as a multimedia technocrats have imbibed the need for ANTI-ABUSING. 

It time for us to replace ‘vulnerability’ with ‘oppression’ and ‘protection’with‘empowerment’. 

Even the visualization of our video does not include the signs of child abuse. We have revealed that all the children in this world deserves freedom, self-respect and to be as a CHILD always. Its war time to take measures to bring down the graph to zero. We are happy to be a part making changes happen for happiness.

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“Wikipedia” about “Explainer Videos”

No more blah blah’s Educate yourself  about explainer videos and its history with WIKIPEDIA.

Wiki View :  Explainer videos are short online videos used to explain your company’s product or service. They are short marketing videos (usually under 2 minutes) used by brands, online companies and corporations to explain how a product or service works, with specific marketing purposes towards targeted audiences in a simple and entertaining manner.

Like this video of brandlovevideos

The following are the main marketing benefits of this kind of videos, supported by several researches and surveys :

Online visibility boost (SEO): video has 53 times more chances of being found organically on search engines.

 Bounce rate reduction: average visit time spent on a webpage with an embedded video increases from initial 8 seconds to 2 minutes. 

Conversion rates increase: landing page placed explainer videos can grow conversions (turn visitors into customers) up to 65% (See case studies in the History section).

E-mail click-through rate increase: emails sent with video content increase click-through rate by 100%. 

ROI boost: 52% of US-based marketing professionals mention marketing videos as the online content with the best ROI.


The first ever explainer videos were created around in 2007 by the Common Craft team not only for marketing purposes but for educational and instructional goals also. Since then, many online businesses started to have explainer videos made to enhance their marketing campaigns and by the year 2014, surveys reported that nearly 80% of US-based businesses were producing video content (such as explainer videos) for their websites.
The most popular cases of beneficial explainer video implementation are those of the file hosting service Dropbox and visual analytics service Crazy Egg.
The use of an explainer video on Dropbox’s landing page generated a 10% conversion rate increase that generated 10 million more users and 50 million dollars of additional revenue in the year 2012 alone. On the other hand, Crazy Egg’s conversion rates were increased by 64% from their website-placed explainer video, generating 21 thousand dollars of extra monthly revenue.

Now it is your turn :
We brandlovevideos are the video makers of the most popular and TOP fund raised companies of India LIKE inshortsinfeedo , RAIYATRIworkapps. We provide great quality at affordable prices.

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HEROPRENEURS…? Does it sound different ?

HEROPRENEURS……..????? Does it sound different?

Yes,it should… We,  Brandlovevideos , an explainer video company providing a fantasy Concept…This is completely only just an outcome of our creativity…Now, this is gonna be your favorite. You’re gonna have a treat for your eyes with different top CEOs featuring the role of different superheroes…

Captain America – Bill gates

Let’s begin with the Captain America… An innovative thinker who has eased our work in all possible ways by opening up the WINDOWS at all our homes…. The second billionaire on Earth…Yeah, you guessed correctly!!! Bill Gates, a patriotic superhero armed with an  indestructible shield, ruling each and every person’s computers with his user-friendly Operating System for many decades.

Batman & robin – Larry and Sergey

Here comes our unborn twin Batman and Robin, achieving heights day by day… Their growth is in leaps and bounds in a shorter span freezing all mankind to surf internet… They provide you all the answers you are in need of within a wink of an eye…. May be even faster than that sometimes… That’s none other than Larry and Sergey, CEOs of Google!!!

IronMan – SteveJobs

One thing you may or may not know about this Iron man, Steve Jobs is that he is adopted. How you gotta know why he is compared with Iron man… Started working as a technician and booming slowly into a majestic CEO, attracting all the people round the world through his APPLE… Lately the old saying may go as,” An APPLE a day keeps other devices away!!!” Lol!!!

SpiderMan – MarkZuckerberg

 Connecting us through web he threw on… The one site made us not to move out of your place…It could be put this way as we are trapped into this man’s web…Mark Zuckerberg being the Spiderman, uses his greatest web tool FACEBOOK to make us connected… That’s really good to know that a college dropout is now the one of richest men on earth.

Wolverine – Richard Branson

 This wolverine man with his long retractable claws has left his footprints in all kinds of business… Richard Branson, CEO of Virgin groups, the leading CEO in UK started his career with “Student Magazine”. Now he runs number of business which includes mobiles, airlines… Lately he is planning to send people to space in his spaceship which is under construction.

Wonder Woman – Oprah Winfrey

 Oprah Winfrey The wonder woman , who is now into her own business, has a long struggling story at the back in the history. Her depiction as a heroine fighting for justice, love, peace, and sexual equality has made her the feminist icon in the world. After being the subject of vicious sexual attack at the age of nine; she later became pregnant, losing the child at birth she was only 14 years of age at the time. Due to her seductive character and genuine love of people gained her the job of her dreams; as a talk-show host and lately as a business personality.

Ghost Rider – Henry Ford

 The Ghost rider-Henry Ford, despite his dyslexia fought establishing his motor company which faced two continues failures. Later he made his trademark with the help of many business partners and now the Ford motor company holds a massive sale of $190 billion.

Superman – Thomas Alva Edison

Superman-Thomas Alva Edison was a very patient and passionate man, motivated by success he went on to try and fail thousands of times before getting some of his inventions to work. Some of his inventions we still use today and most of them are historical for changing the world. Though not possessing multiple extrasensory qualities of Superman, he proved to be the superman. Having scarlet fever and hearing difficulties nothing stopped him from achieving.

Hulk – Jack Yun Ma

 “Never judge by appearances” goes the proverb… Similarly this Hulk man is one such personality… Here are your clues…He is fond of English,the founder of China’s first Internet-based company named as China Yellow pages… Hope you guessed… Yes,it is Jack Yun Ma,the successful founder of ,today holding a net profit of $29.7 billion.
Wasn’t that a really interesting comparison??? Yeah,you would have enjoyed it and gotta to know interesting facts about the top entrepreneurs. Can you now accept them as Heropreneurs??
These people achieved because of their clear pitch, vision and execution…They strongly opened up their talents to the world … If you love to be one of them We Brandlovevideos help’s you to make your pitch perfect through explainer videos.
Our Client inshorts RAISED $20 MILLION Recently.

Make Your Pitch Perfect With Brandlovevideos  and become one of Them. Wishing you all a very happy new year 🙂

Back from the brink : The way we survived our startup

Starting up a business is easier, but surviving is the hardest part of it! Every entrepreneur would have faced a state of confusion without knowing the reason behind their failure though they have showcased their talents, put in 101% effort and hell lot of hard work.

We will unlock the secret behind our success now to you! As a startup we went for cold calling, marketed with bunch of wordings to get a client, tried all sorts of marketing trends.  But the result was Niiiiiiiiiiillllllll!!

But, we learnt to survive! The brainstorming idea we got worked out. It is simple and it is important to brand yourself! Though we showed many sample animated videos, you know SAMPLE is always A SAMPLE and cannot give away the quality of real-one.

We made an EXPLAINER VIDEO that why an explainer video is required. You won’t believe we started getting clients the very next day! Starting from February, 2014 we hold a special place in the hearts of our clients taking up many projects which includes various domains like banking, digital apps, products and more…

The Survivor Video of brandlovevideos :

Personal Branding is a Leadership Requirement, not a Self-Promotion Campaign!!!

Entrepreneurs-Wake up!!! The world is very fast than you think it would be. Creating an explainer video which would let the world know about you in matter of few seconds or minutes is always the best and would reach anybody in this smart phone era.

We have given you the fact and our success story!!! What are you waiting for??? Gear up and create your own place in this digitized world!!!

Now we are happy to say that we ladder up in our business and here we present our latest explainer video that we did for a smart app named “moviebuddy ”…

And our client says : Rudrajeet desai

RudWorking with BLV was like Walk in the Park… All the work happened over emails and calls and best is that we never had to meet them. Their understanding of our Product and Script was quick and accurate. We got our Video delivered in just 10 days with only 2 rounds of iteration on small things. The quality is nothing less than any international standard work and that’s the best part..

Explain Engage Everyone Entrepreneurs. (EEEE)

Hello entrepreneurs,

    We are a India based startup Establishment, involved in creating remarkable demo videos for other newly established organizations. We call ourselves brandlovevideos. Our objective is to enable businesses (small and large) to create effective demo videos @ reasonable price.

Get a Preview one of our recent video, (Please check out the video below)

Who we are? 

  I am happy to introduce myself as Hari, the Founder of brandlovevideos. I was born and brought up in a Village near Tirupur. I worked as a junior graphic designer with a gaming company in Chennai for three years after completing my Animation course from Animaster, Coimbatore. Later on I got promoted as a Technical Head in the same company. During my working tenure, I created more than 60 animated games for casinos, Facebook games and for sweepstakes centers located in USA and UK.

Entrepreneur Dream

I always dreamt of creating something new and something filled with lot fun and I also dreamt of becoming a businessman one day. After getting experience in design, animation and earning some capital myself, I decided to materialize my dream of entrepreneurship which will be related to art and animation.

This is the time when the idea of working on Explainer video came to me. This is a service where each project is different and challenging, just like Games. However, I am also aware that there are lots of companies in this business already. To be different from them I came upon the Idea of working with Animation at reasonable rates, unlike those, who are already in the business.

If you are a start up organization like us and want to have a demo video to promote your business, but worrying about the budget, then without any hesitation come to brandlovevideos. We assure you to provide the best products (Explainer video) at reasonable rates, which you won’t get anywhere else.


I started this company to provide affordable and best Demo videos to other startups to share their dream in the best way.

However, initially I had a tough time looking for good animators and designers. Then I decided to create my people myself in a different way. I made a call with institutions and with some colleges near my place and told them, that I am giving free training to people who are studying animation and design. This Idea worked wonders for me and I received more than 30 requests. I asked them to come for classes, regularly, at evening 5.00pm to 7.00pm. And after some week I got my dream team of 3 most sincere and passionate people to work for me – Mani, Tamil, and Kumar.

Our Mission

Now it is your turn.

We are here and waiting to help people, entrepreneurs and startups like you who are waiting to share their ideas, product’s, brands to customers. We provide great quality at affordable prices.

We are running our third project with the team size of 5.

How To Explain Engage Everyone Entrepreneurs?